In 2021, DON’T JUST SET GOALS. The way it has always been done shouldn’t be the way it remains. If just setting goals has not worked for you in previous years. Now is a good time to try vision boards and systems

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We have heard it several times: goals that are not written down are just wishes and our chances of follow through are close to none. So, on 1st January, pen and notebook in hand, we list down 30 goals (because, it has to be more than 10. Hey, ask the experts!) then, proceed to shelve both the notebook and goals until the next year.

In 2021, we are shaking things up. Read on to see how creating vision boards and systems will help you be more effective in reaching your personal and business goals.

Vision Boards – Turn your goals into Pictures

Vision Boards – “Put it on your vision board, Work like a dog and ask God for some help. That’s the way you make it in life” – Steve Harvey. Besides being a totally creative and fun process, vision boarding will help cement your goals in your mind therefore, making it easier for you to see them through. There are several ways to transform your goals into pictures. You can use clippings from magazines and newspapers, images from Pinterest or go back to basics with good old crayons, markers and cardboard paper.

I have used vision boards since 2019. I usually start with an overarching theme. In 2019, it was growth and in 2020, gratitude (click here to see my 2020 vision board). I then download pictures off my Pinterest Board that are representative of my goals and lay them together beautifully in PowerPoint. This year, I had two formats of my vision board on all my devices: a digital picture format and a 4-min video with a badass soundtrack. Results? You bet! Starting this blog, getting my clumsy partner to dance with me (yep that was on my board too!) and building my spiritual routine are all manifestations from my vision board.

Vision boards keep your goals ahead of you constantly

As a challenge, why don’t you create a vision board with your teammates, friends or significant other during the holidays this year? This can be a great bonding experience and an investment into your future. As a bonus, you get a free accountability partner.

Watch Erin and Terri for a systematic guide on creating actionable vision boards

Create Systems – Turn your goals into processes

Complement your visualization with action. It is not enough to look at your board daily or weekly and envision yourself reaching your goals without, taking any action. This blog post is not juju 101. So, what does it mean to create systems? Systems focus on long-term thinking, habit building and processes. This can be contradictory to goals, which are usually output-oriented and have an end in mind.

Consider this: You might set a goal to lose 15kgs by March 2021. I am almost certain you will charge into the Gym or start running in your neighbourhood come January. It’s January 20th  2021. Are you still in the gym? Are you running? Sounds familiar, does it not? How about if you commit to increasing your physical activity by 15 mins daily? Suddenly, your options are endless. You could walk, yoga, run, skip or even dance in your living room. Chances are, these processes will ultimately help you reach your goal of losing those 15kgs.

For me, systems and goals are not interchangeable – they are complementary. Without a goal, there wouldn’t be a pivot for your habits and you’ll likely sleep on them. 90-day goals can be a good way to start practicing systems.

Will you consider creating systems in 2021?

As a challenge, consider having multiple 30-day challenges around your big goals in 2021. I am definitely giving it a shot.

Watch Rowena distill systems and processes further in this YouTube video.

Keep this in mind: “The way it has always been done shouldn’t be the way it remains.” If just setting goals has not worked for you in previous years. Now is a good time to try vision boards and systems




  1. Love this! So many gems. Thanks for sharing abbie.
    P.s. I’ll be waiting for my invite to a vision board party because we need one. Congratulations girl. Excited to see how this business grows Xoxo

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