3 Killer ways to Survive as a Multi-tasker The secret to multitasking is that it isn’t actually multitasking. It’s just extreme focus and organization

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Yes! You are able to juggle 3 things at once and you get them all done. But, do you really? Are you happy with the results you get? Are you just busy Joe or are you productive? These days, it’s almost a sin if you only do one thing. And, let’s face it, our needs are mounting by the day as wages dwindle. Multi-tasking is now an act of survival.

So how do you fit all the things you have to do in 24 hours and still produce at your optimum? How do you school and stay a PA to your cousin who’s an upcoming artist? How do you grow your hair business as a nurse? And, just how do you survive as a multi-tasker without dropping dead in these hot tropics?

Before we delve any deeper, keep this in mind: “you can do anything, but not everything.” So, just to be clear, this article is not “101 ways to do everything you’ve ever wanted to.” However, if you are really keen on doing a few things exceptionally, then keep reading.

1. Technology is your friend!

How comforting is that! You can finally tell your African parents that your phone is not why you’re distracted all day. It’s the reason you stay focused. There are various apps you can use to schedule tasks, alert you to complete them and limit activities that do not serve you. Most of these are free and come built into your phone. For example google tasks is an effective tool for planning and the good old alarm app serves as a great reminder to get a task done.

Let technology serve you, not slave you

Have you tried setting app limits to your social media? I like to give myself a good 3 hours a day on IG and Whatsapp. This includes time for interacting with clients, posting on my platforms and engaging other businesses. By controlling my time on social media, I’m able to relax in moderation and have enough time to focus on more important things.

2. Practice the “Power Hour”

Just to prove a point, I finished this blog post in a little over an hour. I’ve had this blog title for some time. But you know how things get; between trying to finish my 30 reels in 30 days and planning a business bootcamp, where is the time to write a blog post? So this is what I did: I set the timer for 60 minutes, put on some music and did nothing but pour into this post. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Trust me on this, if you want to survive as a multi-tasker, the power hour is your friend.

Focus on one task for a set time. Once done, move to another. Using time pockets can help you be effective.

I’ve seen different people do variations of the power hour. Some do power weeks, power days, etc. Whatever gets you going really. The point of this exercise is that, you set aside some time and you do nothing but focus on one task. You may not complete it, but knowing you’ve dedicated some time to it will free you to focus on other equally important tasks.

If you want a good tool to keep you focused without distractions, try the headspace app. I use the premium version and it’s absolutely worth it. But, the free version has good timed focus sessions that you will love!

3. Survive as a multi-tasker: Prioritize

You know what Joe, none of the tools and apps in the world, paid or free, matter if you don’t prioritize. To really succeed as a multi-tasker, you need to prioritize. Everything cannot matter at the same time to the same level. If you are an employee and a business owner, your boss’ expectations trumps your IG likes. So, during your work hours, you should be entirely focused on meeting demands of your job. That’s how you get paid to invest in that ring light which brings in the likes. Priorities honey.

Setting priorities help you focus on what really matters. This way you don’t spend so much time working on non-essential tasks.

So how do you know how to prioritize? Revisit your goals (For help on goal-setting, read this post). What do you want to achieve with the task you’re performing? How does that fit into your overall vision? Not to be overly dramatic but if you have no goals, aspirations or visions, you are no better than a robot. And, robots don’t read fabulous blog posts like these. So, what are you doing here?

Setting HARD goals forces you to do more

Before I sign off, I want you to keep this David Allen quote in mind: “you can fool everyone else, but you can’t fool your mind.” You alone know what truly matters to you. You know what you need to do to reach those goals. All you need to do is to prioritize, plan and use technology wisely to survive as a multi-tasker in this increasingly busy world.

Do you use any of these tips to stay productive? Let us know in the comments. If you have others we don’t know about, please also share with us.


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