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I don’t know about you but these words immediately make me smile. When I think of success and growth, I’m reminded of all that I am capable of. 

Not all the time though. Sometimes, and the key word here is sometimes, success can feel like a phantom. Like, no matter what I do or how hard I work, I don’t seem to have the level of success I desire. Sounds familiar?

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Now, before we get into this further, let’s clarify something: notice how I’m interchangeably using success and growth? Is being successful synonymous to growth? In simple terms, if your business isn’t growing, are you successful? (I’ll cover this topic in more detail in the next blog post)

This is what you need to know: it all comes down to your goals baby!

Making your goals time-bound is a sure way to reach them

Of course if you’re in business to make money and you’re consistently making losses, you’re neither growing nor being successful. HOWEVER, this is what is true – you NEED a growth mindset to be successful.

So, what is a growth mindset? And, how can you ready your mind for growth as a business owner?

To have a growth mindset, you need to be willing to let go of all limiting beliefs and believe that you are capable of taking your business to the next level. Consider these:

  • There are too many businesses doing what I’m doing. I can’t win
  • My customer has too many options. Why will they choose me?
  • I can’t reach my revenue goals. Look at the economy!
  • My product is not that special. I hope someone likes them
  • If I don’t invest more money in my business, there’s no way I’ll succeed
Stop with the self-limiting beliefs

Basically, if you think the following thoughts, now’s the time to stop. A person with a growth mindset reframes this as:

  • If many entrepreneurs are in this line of business, there must be a ripe, booming market
  • My customer has many options but i’m their best shot
  • The economy is challenging so this is the time to provide value for money to my customer
  • I love the ingenuity of my product. This will solve the exact problems my ideal customer has
  • I don’t need more money to succeed. I can work efficiently with what I have to reach my goals

Now, how was that! Definitely better right?

These statements aren’t just for you to recite. As an entrepreneur, you should believe in your ability to create a change, a shift in your business and be willing to take the necessary steps to help you grow!

What else can you do to ready your mind for Growth? Follow these 6 steps:
  1. Set some goals. Make them big, bold and audacious 
  2. Know what you’re great at and be willing to accept your imperfections
  3. Adopt a learning attitude. If you don’t know, ask and be ready to apply what you learn
  4. Focus on the journey, not the destination
  5. Lose the need for speed. While it’s great to suddenly become famous, prioritise growing well over growing fast
  6. Cultivate Grit! You need perseverance to grow your business.

The path to success is very personal and your growth will look different than others. But, trust your journey! I want to see you grow and grow you will!

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