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Hi my name is Abbie and I have helped many businesses like yours to discover and target their right audience.

I have a passion for helping cancer patients and that is what I do every Monday to Friday from 8-4pm. Fun-fact, I’m also passionate about business growth – especially for employees with side hustles – and that is why I’m here to serve you.

I am unapologetically, unashamedly and proudly multi-passionate! And I have successfully built a thriving business all while working full time.

And if you can relate to this, then I am your girl. I serve busy entrepreneurs who work multiple businesses and EMPRENEURS (employees with side hustles). With the right systems, channels and tools, you too can successfully grow your business

I offer brand specific marketing strategies, tailored action plans and tools to help your brand stand out so you can deliver the highest standard of service with focus on attracting the right customer base and maximizing returns.

I love to give  premium content that can help both in your business and personal life on the blog. Read some of my favorite posts.

You know, it can’t be all about me. So join our community of seasoned entrepreneurs and new business owners to interact and explore ways to grow your business.

I can’t wait to grow with you!