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Welcome to the Scaleup Business club! I agree with you – running a business should be fun! But, sometimes it gets so complicated because we just don’t know where to start, how to continue or when to pull the brakes.

This is why I created the scaleup club – to give you – the ambitious business owner continuous support to launch and scale your business. It’s your best year yet!

Are You Ready To Grow

I am Abbie, a marketing specialist and business growth expert and since 2020, I have helped over 112 business owners  to shape, launch and grow their businesses. So whether you need support to find buying customers, create selling content or launch your products you are in the right place.  

When I started my online coaching program, I didn’t know what content to create, how to make sales in my business or even find a partner to build my big business idea with. To be honest, I was doing so much and getting little back for my effort. As a business owner, I felt lost and it felt like I was never going to grow – Does that sound like you?

Fast forward now, I have booked clients month-on-month, launched several coaching programs and have a product line launching…soon

All because I set the right systems and formed the right partnerships. In the scaleup club you get access to this exact blueprint + so much more from industry experts so you can start making sales now – whether you have 400 followers or 15K!

Being a club member will give you access to a community of business owners and experts so that you too can build the business of your dreams

The scaleup club is built on 4 pillars:



Community: Find your business besties within our community of ambitious business owners. You will also be matched with an accountability partner to support you as you crush your business goals


Action: Get sold-out launches, create targeted selling messages for your unique clients and build lasting systems that moves your business to the next level. You won’t ever have to worry about how to show up online and what to say


Growth: Our weekly club sessions on content creation, strategy and live coaching will prepare you for an action-packed week. You don’t want to miss mogul mondays – where an industry expert takes you through the ins of running a successful business in Africa


Engagement: On the go business support in our private FB group. Get discounts on AA events, classes and courses. Win amazing giveaways

But how do I know The ScaleUp club is for me?

Great question. Let me go over 4 types of people who should be in this club. If you see yourself in any one of these, join now!

You’re a Busy Business Owner: 

You own a business or two or maybe you’re also a full-time employee so you constantly struggle to create content or show up for your customers. You’re ready to put your brand in front of more people and get the cash in without burn-out!

You want sold-out Launches:

Everyone seems to be selling what you’re selling and you aren’t standing out to your customer. Or you’ve worked hard to launch products on the market that take forever to sell even with paid ads. Now, you want to find your ideal customer and sell to them 

You have a sizeable following, but the money trickles in:

Everyone wants an audience, you have them but you’re making little to no money. You want to learn how to design and market to your current audience. You want people to stop taking you for granted so you can earn what you deserve

You’re just tired:

Social media is exhausting you. You want to show up and actually enjoy posting content you love. Not what the gurus are telling you to. You want to increase visibility for your brand without posting everyday! 

Basically, The Scaleup club is for you if you own a product or service-based business and you’re ready to launch, market and grow within a community of ambitious and supportive entrepreneurs.


♦ Weekly Coaching calls

♦ Content Creation Classes

♦ Masterclasses from Experts Across The Globe (legal, finance, business intelligence, personal branding)

♦ Exclusive members only content

♦ Discounts and Deals on business services

♦ Mindset coaching

♦ Accountability & Partnerships Opportunity

♦ Live QnA sessions


Abbie helped me launch my website and my first ever program (Yes2healthyeating) which I’m really proud of. I always look forward to our sessions because I will definitely leave with an assignment which helps me work towards achieving my goals for the year.
Ama Boadiwaa
( Food Influencer and Blogger)
I joined the scaleup course when it was being piloted. Thank you Abbie for these sessions. I thought I was okay in a few areas of my business but you’ve really taught me a lot. I look forward to joining more sessions like this.
Irene Ruby
(Owner: @elnacreatives| Journals, Planners and More)

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